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Branch in a Glass Jar

I believe we can all benefit from having a space to be ourselves, where we don’t have to pretend. A space where we are truly seen and heard with empathy and without judgement.

You may know what troubles you and yet feel overwhelmed. You may sense something is not quite right but not know what it is. I offer a confidential space for you to express whatever you’re finding painful or difficult in your life. My approach is friendly, jargon free, with a healthy balance of empathy and challenge. My purpose is to help you help yourself.


Together we will explore your thoughts, feelings and body responses in the present, which can reveal what may be unfinished from your past. Raising self-awareness in this way can help you make choices with more clarity, giving you the energy to reconnect to yourself and others.


I offer an initial 20 minute chat by phone, so we can discuss how we might work together and get a sense of each other. I believe the co-created relationship between therapist and client is the foundation from which healing and growth can take place. 

If you’d like to arrange this, please get in touch via email


I look forward to us making contact.

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